Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One step over the line...

Greetings Racers...

A few notes from the first race:

  • Yellow line rule is in effect. DO NOT CROSS THE YELLOW LINE! This is for the safety of you and the peleton. THIS INCLUDES THE FINISH!

  • The Training Races are a "First across the line, wins" race. The racers are staggered to even out the competition. If a racer from the "B" group catches riders from the "C" group riders from BOTH the "B" and "C" groups can work together.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Jed.


  1. I fully agree with the yellow line rule during the race. The problem comes with the sprint. Sprints are so chaotic and riders are moving around so much that it's sometimes impossible not to go over the yellow line. It is for this reason that races often times hold traffic just for the sprints so the racers can use the full road.

    If traffic can not be controlled, then the best way to avoid this problem would be to start the faster racers first and not allow the other groups to tag along if caught. This would keep the groups smaller, and the sprints safer and more manageable.

    It's really tough to control a group of 40+ riders of various skill levels all coming to the line at the same time. It was chaos last week...

  2. One suggestion - given how short the training races are, it might make more sense to start with the As, then Bs and then Cs. Having the As catch up with the Bs just prior to the finish made for a squirrely and confusing finish.

  3. Amy and "og",

    Thanks for the input. We were going to space the groups by 10 minutes today instead of 5 minutes from last week. But no race today...thanks for racing and we'll see you on the road..